7 Things NOT to do at a party



1 - Don't use too much make up 

Even though excess make up is a big NO everywhere you go, but at a party it is a disaster. You can see it in the pics you click and its all one sees in the first look. You can never go wrong with the minimalist look. The key phrase to remember is - Too little works. Too much doesn't.

2 - Don't accept drinks from a stranger

We don't like playing mumma papa for you but this one is important. We will keep it short and to the point. A moment of awkwardness can save you years of regret. DO NOT accept drinks from random strangers.

3 - To heel or not to heel

Wearing heels is a very personal style statement and depends entirely on individual choice and comfort. Low, mid-heel, or skyscraper high heels can greatly change the way you look and feel about yourself. We personally prefer low - mid heels but like we said, to each their own.
A heel that tapers offers more stability than a pin thin heel. Also when it comes to heels.. bling is in.

4 - Don't let yourself get dehydrated

H2o is love, H2o is life. Drink water between dance bouts and keep yourself hydrated. 

5 - Avoid wearing a sheer black / white top

The camera flash makes you see things you don't see ! Avoid this major fashion faux pas so those instagram pics don't come back to haunt you later. 

6 - Don't get conscious 

You are the lead actor of your own life story. Let your hair down and be yourself. Don't get overly conscious of random people judging you. Haters gonna hate ;)

7 - Don't get into trouble

Follow the law of the land at all costs. Be safe and have loads of fun. Cheers.


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